GRAD® Muscat Hamburg Heritage Clone

GRAD® Muscat Hamburg Heritage Clone

Details of this table grape clone are currently being composed and edited for this webpage.

Approximately 250 – 300 buds from the GRAD® Muscat Hamburg Heritage clone foundation vine may be available for grafting in 2020. The clone I have obtained appears to have originated in New Zealand in a Dunedin glasshouse, having been imported in the mid-1800s from Scotland or England (where it would also have been a glasshouse vine). It is almost certainly a pre-phylloxera clone of this classic Vitis vinifera red muscat table grape (Muscat of Alexandria x Black Hamburg). Fruit flavour, vine fertility, and bunch and berry size are excellent. There is also good evidence, based on quite a few seasons growing of this vine in Christchurch, that this clone has a notably low susceptibility to powdery mildew, although further detailed observation is ongoing regarding this.

More details about the GRAD® clone of this classic table grape will follow in due course.


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Author: Dr. Gerald Atkinson

Company director, viticulturist, grapevine researcher and historian, and sometime wine-writer.