Riesling in Colonial South Australia: Its History and Legacy

This paper examines, very thoroughly corrects, and extensively adds to, existing accounts of the history of Riesling in South Australia (and in Australia in general, in many instances). It is by far the most comprehensive and thorough piece of research yet published on this topic.… Read more

GRAD Pinot noir Clone 2 series (Derived from early 1960s U.C.D.4 old vines, including heat-treated D.S.I.R. selections)

The GRAD 2 clone series of Pinot noir derives from genetic material of extremely high quality and offers a very serious, carefully and systematically selected and locally developed, alternative to the 'Dijon' clones. Like the widely misunderstood and under-rated Abel clone, the GRAD clone series (development of which is now continuing into its third decade) offers more and better than is being achieved, or even, in all likelihood, can be achieved, in New Zealand from almost all of the range of the Bernard Dijon Pinot noir clones.

Dog Point Vineyard Section 94 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Date of tasting: 28th – 29th October 2015

Colour and condition: (Under composite / technical cork.) Pale lemon gold with slight platinum highlight. Just a touch deeper than the Greywacke tasted beside it. 3

Aroma: Extremely reductive aromatics, but not offensively so (to me at least): rather (‘generic’ and very young) ‘white Burgundy –like’, and even with 24 hours breathing this does not change much.… Read more