Riesling in Colonial South Australia: Its History and Legacy

This paper examines, very thoroughly corrects, and extensively adds to, existing accounts of the history of Riesling in South Australia (and in Australia in general, in many instances). It is by far the most comprehensive and thorough piece of research yet published on this topic.… Read more

‘Hermitage’ in New Zealand: the Origins and Development of the Te Kauwhata ‘Hermitage’ Syrah

‘Hermitage’ in New Zealand: the Origins and Development of the Te Kauwhata ‘Hermitage’ Syrah Line

In-brief research paper originally published in the Stonecroft newsletter, 2016

Revised and extended in August 2020 for publication in the GRAD® website.

Copyright (©) Gerald Atkinson, 2020

The author may be contacted by e-mail at: grapevines@hotmail.co.nz… Read more

‘White Shiraz’ in New South Wales: The History and Mystery of the Hunter Valley’s Trebbiano Plantings, Their Source, and Their Misidentification

This research paper addresses the remarkable apparent discovery revealed by Julie McIntyre and John Germov in their recently published book Hunter Wine: A History[i], viz.: that a vine named 'Shiraz' was in New South Wales by 1823 and that it was the source of the first plantings of Syrah (Shiraz / Hermitage / Red Hermitage) in the Hunter Valley.

The Origins, History, and Confusion of Pinot Noir Clone A.M. 10/5 and Certain Pinot Droit and Other Pinot Noir Clones in New Zealand

Gerald Atkinson's definitive account of the longstanding confusion in New Zealand between the Pinot noir clone A.M. 10/5 and the U.C. Davis upright-growing, Pinot droit, Pinot noir clone FVI60v15.