GRAD® Clone 1 & 2 Kasza Chardonnay

This exceptionally fine Chardonnay genetic line is a regenerated high health version of the old Te Kauwhata 'Pinot Chardonnay' used by Dennis Kasza to make the legendary McWilliams 1960s Chardonnays. It is distinguished by its combining finesse with good depth of richness and flavour. It is hugely superior to Mendoza, and U.C.D. 4, 5, or 6, and also shows more classical (Meursault-like) intensity to its fruit character than many of the recent French clones where understatement and elegance rather than depth and richness seem to have been favoured.

‘White Shiraz’ in New South Wales: The History and Mystery of the Hunter Valley’s Trebbiano Plantings, Their Source, and Their Misidentification

This research paper addresses the remarkable apparent discovery revealed by Julie McIntyre and John Germov in their recently published book Hunter Wine: A History[i], viz.: that a vine named 'Shiraz' was in New South Wales by 1823 and that it was the source of the first plantings of Syrah (Shiraz / Hermitage / Red Hermitage) in the Hunter Valley.